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Audiomack is a free web – based music sharing platform to share, stream and discover music. It is a music haven for music lovers. This streaming platform supports unlimited uploads which means that you will not face any restrictions or daily or monthly upload limitations on your content. Audiomack is a free and much more flexible substitute for SoundCloud music. The platform has become increasingly famous among fans of music, mainly among those who want to discover new and fresh musicians or artists, or among those who just want to switch to a different genre. The world of music sharing and streaming has more hustle and bustle than ever, these days. All artists, whether they are musicians, singers, songwriters or producers, are all in a kind of battle royal to just zoom past each other and beat everyone else to fame and glory. All they want is to gain prominence so that they can expand their audience and increase their fan base hence becoming more and more popular. Listeners or fans may miss out on some exceptional music just because they might know about these new coming artists having a lot of potential. Hence, these artists, due to lack of fame and marketing, will be left behind in this race of getting to fame and glory as soon as possible. This issue, can however be resolved with effective and clever Audiomack promotion.


Delivery starts within 12 hours


Delivery starts within 12 hours



Delivery starts within 12 hours


Delivery starts within 12 hours





Legit and effective Audiomack Organic music Promotion service is all about skills and technique. Trust Sounds Marketing uses only real, legal and organic Audiomack promotion techniques specially designed to get your content to actual and real people who will actually hear your music and will support you, hopefully increasing your fan base. Get the packages for Audiomack promotion and services at very affordable prices. Trust Sounds Marketing uses only 100% organic skills and techniques to get your Audiomack songs and albums to the ears of real, authentic and organic music fans from all over the world. Each one of Trust Sounds Marketing’ packages gets you featured on some popular music blogs, in an email whose purpose is genre targeted promotion in which only those people are targeted who are interested in your genre and will likely listen to your music, and social media shares to thousands of music fans. Each and every one of Trust Sounds Marketing service campaign comes a detailed and complete report which entails everything we did to reach your goal.

The importance of Audiomack Music Promotion

Audiomack is free for fans and artists. It gives artists unlimited storage space, giving artists the freedom to upload as many songs as possible. The fact that artists don’t have to pay for services means that more people are exploring the platform. Any premium service can be expensive for some artists, especially those who have no way of making money from their creations. Unlimited storage space allows artists to upload additional songs.

Promoting Audiomack music is not only important, it is a must. Very few artists are lucky enough to get enough traction from their first few uploads. Even the people who get the best number of tracks and busy listeners can’t be sustainable and reach out. Audio Mac advertising services help artists reach more listeners. There are Audiomack promotional packages that can be used to go viral for a mix or album. There are other ways to make an artist famous in a very short time. This status can be upheld with ongoing promotional campaigns for any song or album.

Why do I need Audiomack Promotion?

Many artists are targeting many different social media platforms, but Audiomack is definitely a platform to consider. Although not as popular as Spotify or Apple Music, it’s still a great place to get the attention of independent artists. You have to be really careful about your Audiomack advertising strategy as it could most likely lead to a record deal, exactly as music marketing on other platforms can help you go big and get to the next level.

Your songs may be better, but there is nothing wrong with promoting your songs. These numbers may be more important than you think, and the numbers are related to your overall growth and profitability in business meetings. Believe it or not, you can increase the value of your feature based on the number of streams you have, and Audiomack music promotions can help make your songs more visible. You want to get closer to those who can give you some ideas about cover art or art direction for promoting Audiomack music. One of the most important things to keep in mind about Audiomack advertising is that you never know which content is relevant. That way, you’ll want to do your best to promote great content, even if it was created some time ago. It can attract a new audience that you did not expect.

One of the benefits of Audiomack promotion service is that the artists get to have unlimited uploads, without any restrictions, as discussed above. This is a great benefit for you if you are someone who constantly uploads music. Audiomack is also known for its trending status among websites. If you regularly “trend” the platform, you have a good chance of reaching as many bloggers and booking agents as possible. That way, spending some cash on your Audiomack promotional strategy can prove to be a very smart and wise move. You should also make sure that you promote yourself on as many different social media platforms as possible for advertising and marketing.

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